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Could your divorce benefit from some 'extra' expert advice?

If you and your spouse have decided that it is time to move on from your relationship, you are likely facing a host of financial, relationship and lifestyle decisions that will substantially impact your future. If you and your spouse have few debts, few assets and are likely to have a relatively amicable split, then you may be able to navigate your divorce with only the aid of an experienced family law attorney. However, if your split is likely to be characterized as a complex divorce for any reason, you may benefit from additional expert advice.

Seeking victim restitution for domestic violence in Arizona

It can be uniquely difficult for victims of domestic violence to leave their abusers. Not only is it a deeply emotional and personal decision to leave an abuser, victims of domestic violence are often left with substantial financial burdens in the wake of leaving an abusive significant other. Thankfully, victims of domestic violence are often entitled to financial restitution from their abusers pursuant to Arizona state law.

Concealment of finances could be indicator of marital strife

Arizona couples who have been married for a while -- and even many newlyweds -- know that honesty is a bedrock foundation of marriage. While perhaps everyone has little secrets they do not divulge, keeping secrets around financial issues can frequently lead to resentment -- and, in serious cases -- lead to a divorce.

For divorced parents, it's time to start making holiday plans

Fall always seems to fly by for Arizona parents. Most kids have been back in school for a month and have found a way to maintain a consistently busy schedule. Between dropping them off at practice and helping them with a science fair project, many parents find that they hardly have time to blink before winter is here.

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