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Changing or Modifying Your Child Custody Orders

In order to file to change or modify an existing court order divorce decree modifications, a parent must generally wait an entire year from the date the last parenting time order was entered. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If it is an emergency, such as significant domestic violence, spousal abuse or a child is in imminent danger, a parent may file at any time. If the other parent is not complying with the existing orders, you are only required to wait six months.

Incorporating coparenting into your child custody agreement

Divorce is not easy for children, but this does not mean that parents should avoid ending unhappy marriages. While divorce might be difficult for everyone involved, the outcome is usually well worth the time, efforts and emotions. However, some Arizona parents feel confused when trying to figure out the best possible child custody arrangement.

Coparenting is an increasingly popular way of handling child custody after a divorce. With this approach, parents let go of the idea of one parent being primary while the other acts as more of a weekend visitor. Instead, parents agree to continue a parenting relationship even after ending their marital one.

Attention single parents: Remember this in a child custody fight

While you were never married to your children's other parent, you may have only recently decided to break up with him or her, thus placing you in a position that is sort of like being divorced, but not. When your ex warned you that he or she was going to sue you for custody, you knew the months ahead were likely going to be quite stressful. Fighting a child custody battle as a single parent can be quite challenging.  

It can also leave you feeling like an emotional wreck. You want what is best for your kids and you believe you know what that is, but their other parent strongly disagrees. This means the two of you will have to seek the court's intervention and the Arizona judge overseeing your case will decide which of your proposed plans (if either) is in your children's best interests. Before heading to court, there are several things to keep in mind if you hope to win the court's favor.  


As a society, we love to watch TV and scroll social media. As a result, most people love to talk about how lawyers are the bad guys - especially in divorce. A common sentiment seems to be "let's not involve lawyers, they just take all the money." News flash, good lawyers actually save you money, time, stress and aggravation. mediation. Here are a few examples how.


Retirement accounts, pension plans and social security will factor significantly into your divorce settlement agreement - even if you're not nearing retirement age. For many couples, retirement accounts and/or pension plans represent a considerable chunk of their net worth. As such, they all must be addressed in divorce settlement agreements. Unfortunately, though, dividing retirement accounts and pension plans is complicated and has tax implications.

Seeking ways to co-parent effectively after the end of a marriage

Making the decision to dissolve a marriage can be a stressful and intimidating process, especially if children are in the picture. The news of divorce can be tough on your kids, and although you might wish to shield them from unnecessary suffering throughout the process, you might be uncertain how to achieve this goal.

If you and the other parent decide to take separate paths in life, your primary focus may lie in safeguarding the future of your kids. However, with a variety of vital factors to consider, reaching an amicable and acceptable parenting schedule can be a daunting experience.

2019 Holiday Parenting Time Planning - A Great Idea Now

Preplanning will often prevent disputes over parenting time (visitation) among divorced parents or parents who are separated. The following are some suggestions to minimize conflict and maximize quality parenting time.

How your children's ages influence their reaction to your divorce

If you were to gather all the parents in Arizona together and ask them to share some of the biggest challenges they have faced along their journeys, many of them might say that their toughest times occurred when they themselves were going through divorce. If you're recently divorced or are considering filing papers in the near future, you may relate to such feelings.

There is no way to predict how your children will react to your divorce. You can safely assume they will experience fluctuating emotions. The rest depends on many factors, including how old your children are at the time. Toddlers, middle-schoolers and teenagers each tend to react a bit differently from one another. Building a strong support system as soon as possible can go a long way to help them cope.

Preparing for Divorce Mediation

When preparing for divorce mediation, if both parties agree to mediate, you have already won when it comes to your divorce. This is especially true if you have children. While you and your spouse may disagree on many things and may be facing one of the most challenging times in your lives, you both have made the proactive choice to avoid the unnecessary devastation of going to court. contested divorce

Is your marriage headed for divorce?

Data shows as many as half of all Arizona marriages and others throughout the nation are at great risk for divorce. You may be sitting on the fence at this time, trying to determine if your marriage is fixable or if you've done all you can and now it's time to go your separate ways. If you're leaning toward the latter, then you may be one of many spouses will soon file a divorce petition in court.

No one can predict which marriages will last a lifetime and which won't. You can definitely tell when your relationship has gone off-course, however, and you might find that the issues causing problems are not isolated to your own relationship but that many other married couples have had similar experiences.

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