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Alimony won't be the same thanks to the new tax law

Everyone is talking about the new tax law set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2018. While there are some positive things being said about it, most people do not believe it will work to help the average American. Only time will tell. One thing that may affect you if you plan to file for divorce in the coming year or years, whether in Arizona or elsewhere, is that alimony will no longer be a deductible expense.

Does this really matter? Who cares if alimony is tax deductible? Well, anyone who has to pay it cares. By taking away the deduction benefit, those paying alimony will end up losing even more out of pocket every year.

The complex process of adopting a stepchild

Arizona families come in all shapes and sizes, and blended families are common. In some of these cases, the question may arise regarding the adoption of stepchildren, but like other types of adoption, it is not always an easy process. If you would like to adopt the biological children of your spouse, it could be beneficial for you to understand how this process works and what you can expect.

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family, but is also a complex legal process that can be difficult to navigate. While this type of adoption may not be as difficult as other types, there are still challenges ahead. If you believe that this is the right step for your family, you would be wise to reach out for an explanation of your legal options.

Would sharing custody through bird nesting work for your family?

If your marriage ends, one of your primary concerns will more than likely be your children. Telling them about the divorce is only the first hurdle you and your spouse must jump. You want them to know that they have no responsibility in the breakup and that you both will continue to love them and want to spend as much time as possible with them.

Making that a reality is the next hurdle. You want to limit the impact the divorce will have on them, but making that happen may seem insurmountable. If you and the other parent have the means and the willingness, a relatively unknown custody arrangement may do the trick.

4 prenuptial agreement mistakes that could leave you unprotected

As you bask in the glow of your recent engagement, you may feel as if nothing could bring you down from your elated mood. As a result, one of the last things on your mind may have been divorce. After all, you have not even tied the knot yet. However, your soon-to-be spouse may have broached the topic of creating a prenuptial agreement, and you may feel caught off guard.

Prenuptial agreements do not have to seem like insulting or frightening documents to consider. In fact, these agreements can offer many benefits. Therefore, you may wish to avoid the following mistakes when creating your terms.

Splitting business assets during divorce is tricky business

Going through divorce can be both emotionally and financially taxing. This is especially true if you and your spouse have a large number of assets to divide between yourselves. It is also true if you have a high-value asset, such as a family business, to split up.

The process of getting a divorce in Arizona is inherently complex. For this reason, understanding the additional issues you must address when a business is at the center of this type of family law proceeding is paramount. After all, looking over these issues and making the wrong choices may end up costing you financially in the long run.

Arizona veteran takes center stage after USSC decision

After spending decades in the U.S. Armed Forces, veterans receive retirement benefits that help them enjoy their golden years with their families. That is, unless they get divorced. Prior to 1982, a significant amount of confusion existed regarding whether a non-military spouse could receive a portion of the service member's retirement.

In that year, Congress passed the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, which gave states the right to include military pensions as part of the marital estate within certain guidelines. Even with certain instructions from the act, states were not consistent regarding what to do if a veteran took disability payments in lieu of a corresponding portion of his or her retirement. This often meant a reduction in any amount awarded to the non-veteran spouse.

Covering your child's needs without breaking the bank

The end of a marriage will inevitably bring about a change in the lives of everyone involved. While certain aspects of a divorce can be challenging, such as the division of property and assets, you may consider the topic of child support to be of the utmost importance. If you are transitioning from a two-person income to a single income, ensuring the ability to meet your child's needs while not becoming financially overwhelmed may be crucial.

Perhaps you are wondering how to calculate a proper amount for support. You probably want to make sure your children have everything they need throughout the process of growing up, but you likely don't want to fund your former spouse's endeavors in the process.

Don't ride into the sunset without your share of the assets

When your marriage has reached the end of the road in Arizona, your journey isn't over. You might be heading in a different direction, and you might be travelling alone, but you're still moving. What you bring with you on this new adventure will depend largely on how your divorce plays out.

Post-divorce changes are part of rebuilding

In the first year or so following your divorce, things may have gone well enough. You and your former spouse may have settled into your co-parenting agreement, and the child support payments arrived on time. After the months of stressful divorce, this may have been a welcome relief, and your life may finally be moving in a positive direction.

Mediation can minimize trauma typically associated with divorce

While most people in Arizona and elsewhere spend months planning their weddings, many file for divorce on impulse. Regardless of the circumstances, divorces can leave you emotionally and financially drained. However, with careful planning and qualified advisors, you may be able to control the outcome of your divorce.

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