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Child Custody - Parent High Conflict Has Negative Impact on Kids

Parental high conflict can have a negative impact on child custody cases. A leading child psychiatrist has warned that high conflict between parents can affect children's brain development and interfere with their ability to learn. Dr. Jean Clinton, a clinical psychiatrist and professor at McMaster University , has found that the trauma caused by dueling adults can boost stress to such high levels that it affects the area of the brain responsible for learning and memory. "Childhood experiences build the brain and build the reactivity of the stress system, and the damaging impact of that may not be shown for many, many years," said Clinton, who has worked with children and families for 25 years. Without intervention, it can contribute to problems later in life, ranging from depression and anxiety to heart disease.

Complex Child Custody Plans for Complex Families

There are a growing number of interracial, inter-cultural and/or interfaith relationships in today's society which produces a diverse religious and cultural heritage for the children. However, when these interracial, inter-cultural or interfaith relationships end, each parent will likely want to continue to celebrate their respective traditions with their children. Consequently, child custody and visitation plans or agreements can rapidly become very complex. Traditional custody/visitation plans typically spell out the more common issues such as who has the children for certain holidays. Today's agreements, however, go far beyond just making arrangements for holidays and summer breaks.

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