What Is A Complex Divorce?

A complex divorce is one in which there are many issues to resolve and the Husband and Wife cannot resolve this issues without a good deal of outside help from attorneys and/or mediators. Complex divorces can involve high asset divorce cases, spouses with numerous real estate properties, tax issues, a privately held corporation or several closely held businesses, marital assets in several states, trust assets, commingled assets (community property vs. sole and separate property), split siblings or special needs children, assets or businesses that need valuations, and supplemental issues including vocational studies, custody battles, an unfit parent, off-shore bank accounts and the like. Complex divorces can also include bad behavior including adultery and the dissipation or waste of marital assets due to outside relationships, gambling, drug or alcohol use or uncontrollable shopping or other mental health issues.

The more complex the marriage, the more complex the divorce process. The more issues that a couple has to fight over, generally the more complex the divorce. This type of divorce can be resolved in mediation.  However, many times it turns ugly and requires the use of a divorce team. This team may include psychologists or psychiatrists, business or real property appraisers, private investigators, real estate agents, CPAs, estate planning attorneys, corporate attorneys, tax attorneys, and of course the divorce lawyer. For more information about this or other divorce topics, call one of the divorce lawyers at Lasiter & Jackson at (602) 234-5900 or click on the Firm's web site at www.lasiterlaw.com.

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