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Litigation or Mediation?

To resolve issues in family law cases, different options such as litigation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution (settlement conferences) are available to the parties.  Divorce Settlement Agreements, Mediation  Often times, judges encourage efforts to resolve conflicts prior to setting a trial in the matter.  Some Judges refer to "CART" as the reason you want to spend efforts to settle prior to trial.  It is "Cheaper - paying lawyers to proceed to trial can be costly; it is alot of "Aggravation - it is very stressful for parties to appear before a judge and present their case; it is always involves "Risk for all parties involved - no one has a slam dunk case and risks a worse case scenario possibility; and it saves "Time - the Courts are very busy and it is often faster to reach resolution if you do not require the Courts time.  Contact an attorney at Lasiter & Jackson to discuss out of Court ways in which you can resolve your case.  The lawyers at Lasiter & Jackson not only represent you in litigation but conduct mediations and settlement conferences to resolve your issues in family law matters.



Arizona is a "no-fault divorce" state. As such, the Courts will not consider any acts of marital misconduct when deciding whether to award spousal maintenance (alimony). Which spouse filed the petition for dissolution of marriage also has no bearing on the court's decision to award maintenance.

How Does Child Custody Get Determined by the Court?

In making a child custody determination in Arizona, the Courts must consider 10 factors laid out by statute. Contrary to the beliefs of many that Courts are more likely to award custody to the Mother, the Court cannot take into account the sex of the parent. Those days are over. Contact a lawyer at Lasiter & Jackson to discuss what the 10 factors are and to discuss the likelihood for success in your custody litigation. Complex Custody

Understanding Common Post-Divorce Insurance and Retirement Needs

After a divorce, a person's entire life goes into flux. In the immediate aftermath of a split, most people are focused on controlling the emotional damage and finding a way to navigate life as a single person. However, it is important to recognize that there are also financial affairs that require timely attention.

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