How Does Child Custody Get Determined by the Court?

In making a child custody determination in Arizona, the Courts must consider 10 factors laid out by statute. Contrary to the beliefs of many that Courts are more likely to award custody to the Mother, the Court cannot take into account the sex of the parent. Those days are over. Contact a lawyer at Lasiter & Jackson to discuss what the 10 factors are and to discuss the likelihood for success in your custody litigation. Complex Custody

Remember, judge's are people too. Often, in considering each of the 10 factors, different judge's may feel different factors deserve different weight in their decision. The benefit of hiring a lawyer is that we are often familiar with which judges feel certain ways about each of the prongs then others. Also remember that individuals are welcome to represent themselves in litigation. However, you are held to the same standard as a lawyer. Judge's typically will not sympathize with the litigant who uses the excuse "Sorry your honor, I am not a lawyer, so I don't really know how to do this." You are expected to enter evidence, cross examine witnesses and understand all aspects of litigation.The Benefits of Hiring a Layer

Child custody matters are some of the most important in family court matters. At Lasiter & Jackson, we are aware of the importance of child custody matters and the lifelong impact it has on your children. Contact us to thoroughly discuss the merits of your case for child custody. We will aggressively advocate to achieve what you determine is in the best interests of your children.

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