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Approaching the divorce process proactively to aid affected kids

Deciding to end a marriage is almost never an easy process. When children will be affected by that decision, it can become even more complicated. Thankfully, more and more parents are becoming educated about several divorce planning techniques designed to help affected children transition through the divorce process in a healthy way.

The importance of a strong, properly executed prenuptial agreement

For many practical reasons, an increasing number of engaged couples are choosing to make certain financial expectations legally binding before they tie the knot. A sound, strong and well-executed prenuptial agreement can help ease tension in a relationship, can protect important interests and can allow couples to know where they stand in certain financial contexts throughout the life of their marriage. However, it is imperative that a prenuptial agreement be properly executed.

Managing divorce's dark side so that it does not get the best of you

A few weeks ago, we discussed a study out of the University of Arizona at Tucson which determined that repeated journaling on negative emotions associated with divorce tends to reinforce these feelings rather than help the author move through them. The subject of stress-management and emotional healing during and following divorce is critical. However, many individuals are unsure of where to start. If dwelling too long on the negative can harm you and not dealing with the negative at all can harm you, where is the balance in processing divorce in a healthy way?

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