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When teens react strongly to news of divorce

Teens are biologically programmed to rebel against their parents. Between childhood and adulthood, teens must push boundaries and explore ways that they are distinct from their parents until they learn how to safely stand on their own feet. However, acts of teenage rebellion and angst are not often welcome contributions to a complex custody situation. In fact, an understandably rebellious teen may make child custody disputes even more complicated than they already are.

Plan ahead to keep your divorce out of court

The divorce process does not have to be messy and drawn-out. Certainly, some marital situations require a contested and relatively intense process. However, many if not most uncontested divorce processes do not require the same kind of time, energy and resources that complex divorce scenarios do. In order to facilitate a smooth divorce process whenever possible, it is important for divorcing couples to plan ahead before digging into the most challenging aspects of the process.

High-asset divorces impacted by new tax regulations

Attorneys and accountants have recently felt a push to behave in an increasingly collaborative fashion. Due to tax increases mandated by certain provisions of the American Taxpayer Relief Act, those navigating high-asset divorce proceedings are almost certainly in need of both experienced legal counsel and experienced financial counsel.


In regards to child support collection, most custodial parents in Phoenix and all of Arizona know that the child support payments received each month can be very important to help meet the basic needs of a child and family. When a non-custodial parent fails to pay, those who are supposed to receive the child support payments can suffer financial difficulties. This is one of the reasons that efforts are made by private attorneys and government agencies to obtain collection of payments.

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