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Navigating a marriage-less 'divorce'

The construction of the "typical" American family is changing. Fewer young couples in particular are opting to marry each other. Rather, these cohabitating couples live lives together that are often as financially and socially intertwined as that of married couples while foregoing the legal formality of marriage. These cohabitating couples often face unique challenges when they decide to split.

Nervous about post-divorce parenting? Get excited!

When a marriage is ending and children are involved, it is completely reasonable for the entire family to be concerned about what the future holds. Luckily, whether you and your spouse opt for shared custody, a complicated visitation agreement or any other model of parenting, there are reasons to get excited about newly single parenthood.

Avoid these preventable divorce mistakes

We frequently acknowledge and honor how challenging divorce can be. However, some of the biggest mistakes people make in divorce include believing that they have no control over the process's outcome and that the process must be deeply stressful. Divorce marks a significant transition between periods of a person's life. The majority of how the process will affect a person's life is truly up to him or her.

Regaining your financial footing post-divorce

Signed divorce papers do not quite signal the end of the divorce process. Certainly, when you are formally divorced, a page in the book of your life is turned. However, the terms of your divorce settlement will impact your financial life after divorce. Therefore, the divorce process extends into the transition period wherein you regain your financial footing, independence and move into a place of stability.

Supreme Court settles international custody question

Though the practical implications of the holding remain to be seen, the United States Supreme Court recently affirmed the ability of American courts to assert authority in international child custody disputes. In the matter of complex custody heard by the Court, there is no guarantee that American court assertion will ultimately affect the outcome of the situation. However, the Court has confirmed that Americans in like-situations have permission to keep filing appeals and fighting for the custody of their children on an international stage.

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