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Might mediation be the best approach for your divorce?

Just as no two couples are exactly alike, no two divorces fit exactly the same mold. Some are highly contentious, while others are startlingly straightforward. However, most divorces fit squarely in the grey area of somewhat contentious yet relatively civil dissolutions. Many couples attempting to navigate this kind of divorce benefit immensely from a process known broadly as mediation.

How to better ensure that your prenup remains valid

When two people decide to come together in marriage, they begin a relationship on two separate yet intertwined levels. First, there is the personal relationship meant to be enriched by the bond that marriage creates. Second, there is the legal relationship that marriage inspires which is marked by the signing of a legal marriage contract. Though nearly every couple hopes that their union will withstand the tests of time, it is often advisable to consider executing prenuptial agreements to protect both parties in the event of divorce.

When are custody fights battles worth their price?

We all like to believe that if we do our best by our children that they will remain safely within our custody. However, divorce and other forms of parental separation can complicate this hope. If both of a child’s parents desire to have full, joint or partial child custody and cannot agree on the terms of that arrangement, a custody battle may be inevitable. And though securing trusted and experienced legal counsel can make the process much more fair and predictable, there are no guarantees.

When divorcing, consider these child-related legal concerns

If you are divorcing and minor children are in the picture, it is critical to be prepared for all the legal decisions you will soon need to make concerning them. Divorce is not generally straightforward when minor children are involved, simply because a multitude of considerations must be contemplated.

Medical Marijuana and Your Child Custody Case

In child custody litigation in Arizona Child Custody and Visitation Alcohol and Drug Abuse, many believe that if they possess a card permitting them to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, this will not compromise their child custody case. After all, it is legal and medically necessary right? Not so fast.

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