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How divorce can affect an individual's physical well-being

We have previously written about the importance of taking care of yourself while navigating a family law dispute. Failure to do so can lead you to act in ways that may compromise the outcome of your case. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take excellent care of yourself during divorce or a child custody dispute, for example, as these often challenging proceedings can take a toll on your health. Working to combat these often unforeseen side effects of family law disputes can help you to regain your health and your sanity as well as put you in the best mental and physical place to fight for your dispute-related goals.

International domestic violence study yields startling results

One of the most difficult topics within the arena of family law is domestic violence. Not only are the criminal aspects of these case difficult to handle in some situations, but determining what options exist when violence is impacting families might be unclear. Under Arizona law, victims of domestic violence have the ability to seek an order of protection, which can provide a sense of security.

Divorce and year-round tax considerations

Tax season has come and gone for 2013. However, taxes are not simply a reality to be dealt with every April. Several divorce and tax issues impact separating couples during the divorce process, immediately afterward and year-round. Failure to take certain tax-related considerations into your divorce planning, property separation agreement and child custody arrangements can directly impact your financial future. This simple fact makes it vitally important that you discuss tax-related issues with your family law attorney, whatever the nature of your dispute happens to be.

Approaching a divorce you never saw coming

Some divorces are mutually decided upon, whereas others are thrust upon one partner by another. It is possible that if you are currently facing a divorce, you may not want to separate from your partner and/or you may have been shocked when he or she announced that divorce was the next step you would be taking in your marriage.

Think twice before using dating websites during divorce

When a couple decides to separate, the decision may be either sudden or it may have been imminent for quite some time. Because each divorce is unique, it comes as no surprise that individuals respond differently to this decision and to the stresses of the process. Oftentimes, if divorce has been looming for months or years, newly single individuals find empowerment by jumping back into the dating pool.

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