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Divorce mediation demeanor dos and don'ts

If you and your spouse have decided to mediate your divorce settlement, you have likely retained some optimism that your divorce process can progress in a relatively civil and fair manner. In order to retain that optimism and see your goals through to the end, it is critical that you approach your divorce mediation in a certain way.

Do you need the help of a parenting coordinator?

An experienced family law attorney should be your first call when you and your child’s other parent have either split or are enduring some other significant life change that is prompting one or both of you to seek a change in your child’s custody arrangements. An attorney will help you navigate the court system, create a parenting plan and help advocate for your child’s best interests.


Many wonder if they are not a biological or adopted parent (legal parent) of a child, otherwise referred to as non-parents, do they have any rights to have court ordered visitation with a child with whom they share a close bond. The answer is yes. Arizona Revised Statutes Section 25-409 provides for the rights of third parties or non-parents regarding visitation.  Non-Parents' Rights to Custody and Visitation 

The cases for and against presumption of shared child custody

Just as many adults greatly benefit from being one-half of a romantic partnership, many children benefit from either living in a two-parent home or having both of their parents involved in their lives equally. However, this kind of family structure does not work best for everyone. Many adults are happier and healthier alone and many single parents provide superior care to their children than many parents who remain married or have joint custody of their children.

Cultivating a new sense of family bonding with kids post-divorce

Divorce can be a traumatic experience not just for affected spouses but for children as well. No matter what one’s child custody arrangements entail post-divorce, it is important for newly structured familes to bond in strong and healthy ways. Creating new memories and traditions while honoring any old traditions that still make sense within the new family structure will help all family members to bond together and become stronger in the wake of transition.

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