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Should you 'unfriend' your spouse pending divorce finalization?

If you and your spouse have decided to split, your separation may be high-conflict, amicable or something in between. As a result, it may be challenging to choose just which boundaries to draw between your spouse and yourself while your divorce is pending. We have previously written about certain boundaries that should generally be employed concerning divorce and social media. For instance, it is not a wise choice to bad-mouth your spouse on social media nor is it advisable to vent about the divorce process generally in these forums.

Can immigration support affidavits influence divorce settlements?

When American citizens wish to marry foreign citizens and bring them to live in the United States, they are often required to sign sworn affidavits indicating that they will support those foreign citizens so that they will not become public charges. In the event of a divorce between a couple subject to such statements, an I-864 affidavit could potentially be used as evidence that the foreign-born spouse is entitled to spousal maintenance.

Contemplating the wisdom of 'wedleases'

The nature of marriage has been changing in America over the past several decades. In addition to the Supreme Court insisting that federal marriage recognition be extended to all same-sex couples married in states that permit their unions, perceptions of what it means to divorce have changed as well. Fewer stigmas are attached to divorce and to cohabitating outside of marriage than there once were. As a result, an increasing number of older Americans are choosing to divorce and an increasing number of young Americans are failing to marry their significant others.

Co-parents: It is time to get ready for 'Back to School'

Many co-parents have enacted parenting agreements that allow their children to have different schedules during the summer than they do during the school year. Unless your child custody agreement has no seasonal schedule modifications, transitioning back to the school year schedule from the summer one can be unquestionably challenging.

Avoiding and embracing advice during divorce

When a couple decides to split, it seems like everyone they have ever known has an opinion about their decision. It can be overwhelming to hear criticisms and sometimes even more overwhelming to hear unsolicited advice from loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers who learn that you are going though a divorce. Most of the time, it is within your best interests to screen this unsolicited advice and only follow that which makes sense for you. However, you should generally follow the advice of professionals helping you through the process, provided that they are competent and experienced.

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