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Is divorcing the healthiest choice for you?

The decision to end a marriage, to legally separate or to remain married is a deeply personal one. As such, only you can truly know whether filing for divorce is or is not the healthiest choice for you and your family. However, in times of trial it can be difficult to tell what is and what is not the healthiest decision to make moving forward.

Expecting the unexpected when it comes to family law disputes

When you file for divorce or file a claim in a child custody dispute, a domestic violence case or any other family law matter, you inevitably develop a set of expectations about how the legal process will develop and resolve. This is a completely normal reaction to filing something as personal as a family law claim. However, it is important to prepare for several things that you may not expect in addition to the things that you do expect will occur before your family law dispute finally resolves.

Please remember that spousal support has tax consequences

Tax season is now well underway. Most Americans do not file their taxes until February, March and even April. If you fall into this majority and have not filed your taxes yet, please remember that spousal maintenance results in certain tax consequences. If you pay or receive spousal maintenance, bring this fact to the attention of the professional who does your taxes.

Thousands of texts are impacting a domestic violence case

We have previously discussed some of the ways in which social media, email and other modern forms of communication may impact family law cases. Depending on the nature of your case, opposing counsel may seek out evidence on your social media accounts and your own attorney may be able to use evidence from another party’s accounts in order to advance your claim.

Why children may struggle uniquely with divorces filed in winter

It is now a well-known fact that divorce rates tend to spike for a period of time after the holiday season has ended. For many couples, opting to split at the start of a new year is appealing. The stress of the holiday season is complete and the hopeful symbolism of a fresh year may inspire a more amicable split than might otherwise be experienced.

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