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Cohabitating couples, consult an attorney before buying a house

One of the most difficult decisions facing many divorcing couples is what to do with their marital residence. A jointly owned home can pose significant logistical and financial challenges regardless of whether one spouse decides to stay or whether the house is sold off and the assets are divided.

Please be careful on social media during your divorce process

We have mentioned previously that posts and pictures on social media are increasingly being used as evidence in family law disputes. However, this trend is becoming so pervasive that it is now arguably critical that you temporarily suspend activity on social media accounts if you are involved in a divorce or child custody case.

Divorcing in the middle of a build or a remodel

It is no secret that remodeling or building a home can be expensive and time consuming. From the discovery of a hidden mold problem to the difficulty of choosing new fixtures and design elements, this process can also create stress that almost inevitably weighs on a family while the project is ongoing or recently completed. In some cases, the difficulties experienced during a home renovation project may speak to larger issues that eventually give way to the end of a relationship when the project is finished.

You and your co-parent can mutually manage your kids' tech usage

If you and your co-parent have both chosen to remain in your children’s lives and you each spend significant amounts of time with them, you are likely both running into a similar conundrum related to how you are choosing to raise them. American children are increasingly connected to each other using technology and are increasingly turning to electronic devices for both educational purposes and entertainment. Children as young as two-years-old often eagerly accept and play with a host of electronic devices.

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