Top considerations for moving in the wake of Arizona divorce

Those in Arizona who are facing divorce may end up mulling over the idea of moving out of the state when it is over. At the very least, they may consider moving, along with their children, to a different city. This can be a very attractive idea if the divorce has gotten ugly and people want to have their space. However, there are some crucial things that must be considered when anyone is thinking about doing this.

First and foremost, people need to think about what will be best for the children. They may not have much say in the matter, but they could be the ones who are impacted the most. Think about their best interests.

Next, people have to establish a plan. They should not simply move on a whim. They need to think about all of the details. This could include things like which school to send the children to in the new town or where the family will be able to live. All of these details need to be set in stone before the move happens. People should not simply relocate and then try to figure everything out.

Finally, there must be communication between both parents. They should talk about the child custody situation and visitation time as they work out the divorce and other legal agreements with their attorneys. If both parents have equal custody rights, they need to be on the same page, and one parent should not violate the other's rights by moving with the children with no discussion. If the move is settled on and the children will need to travel back and forth between two cities in order to see both parents, each person should know what the travel expenses are going to cost them.

Remember that a divorce and a move can both have a huge impact on children, so they factor into all decisions heavily. Family law attorneys can help them work out these details.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Confidential: Considerations Before Relocating Your Children" Caroline Choi, Jun. 04, 2014

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