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The Meaning of No-Fault Divorce in Arizona

Many people have heard that Arizona is a "no fault" divorce state, but what exactly does that mean? In Arizona divorce cases, the no fault concept holds significance in three aspects of the process: the dissolution of marriage in itself, the division and resolution of financial matters, and the resolution of legal decision-making and custody of children.

Link found between divorce, sleep and blood pressure increase

Investigators at the University of Arizona say that people who have gone through divorce and have long-term sleep problems afterward are at an increased risk for rise in blood pressure. Researchers are quick to point out that previous studies have already established a link between divorce and major health problems, sometimes even death. However, this new investigation reveals that problems sleeping as a result of the divorce may be the primary cause of those issues.

Gun rights group opposes domestic violence bill

Arizona residents who have been victims of domestic violence in their relationships or marriages may be alarmed to learn that the National Rifle Association has launched a battle to prevent passage of federal legislation prohibiting convicted stalkers and batterers from buying firearms.

Gabby Giffords speaks out against domestic violence

Phoenix residents who have suffered injuries from domestic violence from their partners have an ally in former Arizona Democratic representative Gabby Giffords. She recently addressed the Protecting Women from Gun Violence function in Washington D.C. designed to highlight the link between firearms and domestic violence.

Arizona Child Support Modification

Arizona child support is based on specific criteria relating to income and the number of children in the household. In every child custody case, there will be a determination of support. Under the guidelines, support payments are in an amount calculated to meet the reasonable needs of the child for health, education, and maintenance.

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