Child Support Awareness Month coming in Arizona

The reports coming out of Child Support Services in La Paz County, Arizona, indicate that parents have been able to collect on more than $1 million worth of child support payments in roughly the last 12 months. The exact total given for the year that ended on the last day of June was $1,123,085.

The cases that were reported on involved 1,290 people who were either listed as caretakers or parents, and they also involved 1,076 children.

The fact that these reports are coming out in the middle of July, moving toward August, is very appropriate. In the state of Arizona, August has been declared to be Child Support Awareness Month. The goal of this month is to bring more attention to child support situations, which could help to change the way that people look at child support and the actions that they take if they have custody -- and even if they are non-custodial parents.

A month dedicated to awareness can also help many people to fully understand their rights. This is very important in these cases because people need to be able to collect on money that they are owed that can help with the raising of a child. They don't need to miss out on this assistance simply because they do not know that they have a right to it.

However, this year could be about more than just raising awareness, as a program is coming to help those who have been ordered to pay child support. It is known as the Personal Development Incentive Program, and it could help those who do things like going out and getting their GEDs. If they do that, they could get a waiver from the state for up to $1,000, which can be used toward what they owe.

Source: Parker Live, "County Attorney reports on child support collections" John Wright, Jul. 17, 2014

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