For grandparents seeking visitation with their grandkids

In an earlier blog post, we discussed how the roles of grandparents in their grandchildren's lives have changed considerably in recent years. In fact, as many as 5.8 million children are currently living with their grandparents somewhere in the U. S. and another 2 million children are living with another relative other than their parents.

Relationships between couples who share children together can sometimes be unstable. Many couples split up temporarily and later reconcile their differences, while others simply go their own way. In many of these cases, the grandparents of a child may be the most stabilizing element in a young person's life.

Like many other states, Arizona has recognized that children often benefit from having loving grandparents actively involved in their lives. These relationships can positively affect a child's development both emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, grandparents are too often forced out of their grandchildren's lives when parents decide to split up.

The good news is that Arizona statute 25-409 enables third parties, such as grandparents, to petition the courts for visitation rights of their grandchildren under certain conditions. For example, a court may consider granting visitation rights to grandparents if the parents of a child were not married when the child was born and then remained unmarried at the time of the grandparent's petition to the court.

Our law firm has represented clients in grandparent's rights issues in Phoenix and throughout the greater Maricopa County Metro area. We are compassionate, caring individuals who understand the importance of placing the best interest of the child in front of all other concerns. We look forward to meeting with you and bringing our style of personally engaged legal advocacy to work for you.

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