Getting the help you need when domestic violence is an issue

Domestic violence is a problem that can affect every aspect of your life. If you are a victim, you can often find yourself isolated from your friends and family. Alone and afraid, you may find it extremely difficult to leave your abuser and begin a new life somewhere else. These problems are sometimes made even worse if you also happen to share children with your abuser. In a previous article posted on our blog, we discussed how experts believe that roughly 60 percent of abusers who attack their intimate spouses also direct some of their violence towards their children.

Alternatively, if you are someone wrongly accused of domestic violence, you may find that your friends and family members have begun distancing themselves from you. Your employer or your coworkers may treat the appearance of police at your job to serve you with an order of protection as proof of your guilt. You may even be forced to leave your own home and cease contact with your own children. This is because it's estimated that every 44 minutes somewhere throughout Arizona, a child witnesses an act of domestic violence.

One important thing to remember is that regardless of whether you are a victim, or a wrongly accused offender, domestic violence can play a significant role in your decision to divorce. For example, you may require legal assistance in gaining your freedom or having falsely obtained orders of protection against you dismissed. An attorney with experience in family law can assist you by representing your case before family law courts in either situation.

Located in central Phoenix, the attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson have over 30 combined years representing clients throughout Maricopa and Pinal counties. Prospective clients should know that we can answer many of their questions during initial consultations with one of our attorneys. Our law firm is also fully bilingual and supports both English and Spanish language speakers.

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