Sharing your children when the holidays are in full swing

If you and your ex really want to enjoy the holidays this year, you must know how to properly share your time with your kids. Moreover, you have to focus on making this season the best that it can be for the children, even if that means making sacrifices yourself. Below are a few ideas for parents in Arizona.

1. Give your kids two options. Rather than having a Christmas party at your house right when your ex is having one at his or her house, making your children pick a side, just have a second one at a different time. This way, they can do both and no one feels angry or left out.

2. Divide the day. This can be a little harder if you and your ex do not live close together. If you do, though, consider splitting the holidays in half. Whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas, let your kids go with your spouse for half of the day and then have them at your home for the other half.

3. Consider virtual options. If your ex is a long way off, you may realistically know that you're going to get the kids and he or she won't. You can let the kids use online options like Skype to talk to your ex on the holiday so that he or she at least gets some interaction.

4. Meet up. Yes, this won't work for all couples. You may not be able to be in the same room as your ex. If you can, though, this is the best option. Just take all of the confusion out of it by celebrating together.

Be sure you know what role your parenting plan or official child custody plan plays into holiday planning.

Source: FIndLaw, "Child Custody Tips: How to Share the Kids During Holidays," Ephrat Livni, accessed Nov. 25, 2015

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