Why it's best not to stress about child support

If your ex has been ordered to pay child support and he or she isn't paying, you absolutely want to look into all of your legal options in Arizona. Neglecting to make these payments is against the law, and there are steps that you can take to recover the money that you're owed. By no means should you just let it go.

That said, there are a handful of reasons why it's best not to stress out over the lack of payments. You don't want this stress to rule—and ruin—your life. Your own personal happiness is more important, and you'll feel better if you try to let the stress go while the legal process plays out.

Plus, the lack of payments can actually help with money management. You may still have enough to make ends meet if you spend wisely. You don't want to be this tight on cash—and, again, you shouldn't accept it when there are things you can do—but it can be best to embrace the situation. Learn how to spend less and still be happy and content in your life, and these are lessons that can help you for years to come. Then, when you do get the child support money, you'll really feel like you have a lot more.

Finally, you can focus on things that don't revolve around money—like your relationship with your kids and the conversations you have. These are the most important things in life, anyway, and putting time and effort into them can be incredibly rewarding. Your budget may be too tight for everything you'd like to do, but you and your children can grow closer than ever as a result.

Source: Huffington Post, "5 Reasons to No Longer Stress About Receiving Child Support," Monica Leftwich, Nov. 06, 2015

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