Be wary of texting as divorce draws near

Many people text far more often than they actually make phone calls, but experts warn that those who are heading for divorce need to be careful about what text messages they send.

The reasoning is that text messages are being used as evidence more and more often. When asked, 90 percent of the lawyers spoken to claimed they'd seen a recent rise in this type of evidence on both sides. This data comes from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

This isn't the first time technology has been linked to divorce cases. A few years back, lawyers began to note that social media evidence was being used more often, as posts from sites like Facebook started showing up. The rise in text messages simply mirrors this movement.

One expert said that the issue is that people text emotionally, without actually taking the time to consider what they're saying and without thinking about what's in their best interests. This can be especially bad in a breakup that is already filled with anger and resentment, perhaps due to an affair.

It's also been noted that people don't think electronic communications are as easy to access as something written in hard copy, so they feel safer sending these angry messages. However, anything that is sent electronically, on the Internet or in a text message, is actually very hard to delete and very easy for the other party to submit as evidence.

Text messages can impact all aspects of divorce, from child custody to property division, so make sure you know how they can be used and what impact they can have in Arizona.

Source: Reuters, "Be careful what you text if you're heading for divorce," Patricia Reaney, accessed Feb. 19, 2016

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