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Tips for keeping child support records

If you're ordered to pay child support, it's a very good idea to keep accurate records of every payment that you make. There have been stories of people claiming they were never paid when they actually were, all because money got tight and they needed extra cash. With no evidence on hand, you could end up paying twice, or being accused of being behind on your payments, so records are crucial. These tips can help.

When do your obligations to your child end?

Getting custody of your children gives you a lot of rights, but it also gives you a number of obligations and legal duties. Common things you must do including giving children basic care, clothing, food and shelter. If you don't do this, you could run into legal trouble, such as being charged with neglect and seeing your custody rights rejected. As such, it's important to know how long these obligations last.

Does a father have a right to see a mother's health information?

Clearly, if a woman who is pregnant gives her consent to allow the unborn child's father to see the results of health tests and checkups, he's allowed to see them. However, can he still see them--on the grounds that it is also his child--if she doesn't want him to?

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