As a society, we love to watch TV and scroll social media. As a result, most people love to talk about how lawyers are the bad guys - especially in divorce. A common sentiment seems to be "let's not involve lawyers, they just take all the money." News flash, good lawyers actually save you money, time, stress and aggravation. mediation. Here are a few examples how.

1. You may not know what you are entitled to/or risk financially. Example: You may not be on the deed to your house. Did you know you may still have an equitable/financial interest in the property resulting in a payout? Or, if you are the only person on the deed, did you know you may not just be able to walk away with 100% of the equity in the property just because you bought the home before marriage?

2. You may also not know that if you have to get the Court involved, it may take many months to get a hearing? Forget a speedy divorce.

3. Finally, you may not fully understand how stressful going to court can be. By law, self represented litigants have to be held to the same standard of attorneys. For example, if you know what Rule 49 requirements or sanctions pursuant to same are - have at it. Even when attorneys fail to comply, for us, it is not fun to say the least.

The attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson, PLLC can expedite the legal process with our skill and knowledge. Feel free to call us to discuss your situation and options.

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