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      This is a very common child custody question. Somewhere along the line, it became somewhat of an urban myth that children get to decide where they want to live once they reach a certain age. Many people express their belief that this age is somewhere around 12, 13 or 14 years of age. In Arizona, this is simply not true.

Avoid co-parenting conflicts by following these tips

The marriage has ended, but you must still interact with your ex when raising children together. Co-parenting can be the cause for major conflict after divorce, but remember that every fight over your kids adds to your children's suffering. Learn how to avoid co-parenting conflict with these tips.

Key stats showing gender bias may not influence custody

For years, there has been a prevailing idea, which some call a myth, that gender bias influences child custody cases in Arizona. According to this idea, fathers have much less of a chance of getting the children than mother, which they claim is unfair. However, some stats seem to show that gender bias may not be as common as people claim it is.

The downsides of bird nesting

If you're considering bird nesting, you likely already know about the advantages. In this type of custody arrangement, your child will stay in the marital home while you and your ex cycle in and out. This gives your children more stability and focuses on their happiness.

When do your obligations to your child end?

Getting custody of your children gives you a lot of rights, but it also gives you a number of obligations and legal duties. Common things you must do including giving children basic care, clothing, food and shelter. If you don't do this, you could run into legal trouble, such as being charged with neglect and seeing your custody rights rejected. As such, it's important to know how long these obligations last.

What does your custody agreement say about travel?

If you're thinking about traveling out of the state with your child, after a divorce, you really need to take a moment to consider your child custody agreement. The court order that was given could determine what you are allowed to do, and it can be different in every case. It's incredibly important to know what it really says and what rules are in place.

What is parental alienation and what impacts does it have?

Studies have been coming out in recent years identifying the issue of parental alienation. While some experts have said this is a syndrome with defined characteristics, they do warn that it's a developing field and so there is not comprehensive literature on the subject. Still, enough has been done to get a basic idea of how this works.

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