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Wages can be garnished for current and back payments

If your ex is not paying the proper amount for child support -- or is not paying at all -- one of the options that the state has is to garnish that person's wages. To do this, an Administrative Income Withholding Order will be needed. This can be issued by the Division of Child Support Services.

Child emancipation laws in Arizona

Typically, child support is going to last until a child is 18 years old. There are some exceptions to this, however; some people need to pay for longer, for example, if the child needs special assistance and there are more costs. Others don't have to pay as long if the child is emancipated before he or she is 18. As such, it's very important to know how these laws work in Arizona.

Tips for keeping child support records

If you're ordered to pay child support, it's a very good idea to keep accurate records of every payment that you make. There have been stories of people claiming they were never paid when they actually were, all because money got tight and they needed extra cash. With no evidence on hand, you could end up paying twice, or being accused of being behind on your payments, so records are crucial. These tips can help.

Budgeting for child support when making payments

If you're making child support payments every month, it's very important to actually be able to make them. It's a crime not to, and the court will not care if you spent your money on other things and then didn't have enough left to pay. As such, it can be very important to use these budgeting tips:

How child support can impact multiple families

Child support situations are rarely simple, especially when they involve multiple families. This makes the payments all that much more important, so it's crucial to know when to pay, how much to pay, and what to do if your ex-spouse is refusing to pay in Arizona. Those decisions could reach farther than you realize.

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