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Arizona Complex Divorce: Dividing a Business

Business valuations and appraisals in an Arizona divorce case are necessary when one or both spouses have an ownership interest in a business. Business issues only arise in a small percentage of divorce cases due to the relatively limited number of business owners compared to the significantly larger number of employed individuals. That makes it important to work with a divorce attorney who has a lot of experience in dealing with how a business is divided and complex divorce. The court may not only divide the value of the business based upon its value but may also divide business profits earning while the divorce is pending.

High Conflict Divorce Cases

Identifying whether your case is a "high conflict" divorce can be surprisingly difficult. In most cases, there is some level of conflict in a divorce or parenting dispute. The question is whether a particular case has an abnormally high amount of conflict. Some examples of high conflict cases involve domestic violence, serious substance abuse, mental illness of a party, or a party that lives out of town or is seeking to relocate. On the opposite end of the spectrum are cases that are relatively amicable. Those can be resolved with little time, energy and expense.

Why You Should Speak With a Financial Advisor During a Divorce

If you are thinking of getting a divorce, you are probably already looking for an experienced family law attorney. The right attorney can help guide you through the legal rules and procedures that are inevitable parts of the divorce process.

What Is A Complex Divorce?

A complex divorce is one in which there are many issues to resolve and the Husband and Wife cannot resolve this issues without a good deal of outside help from attorneys and/or mediators. Complex divorces can involve high asset divorce cases, spouses with numerous real estate properties, tax issues, a privately held corporation or several closely held businesses, marital assets in several states, trust assets, commingled assets (community property vs. sole and separate property), split siblings or special needs children, assets or businesses that need valuations, and supplemental issues including vocational studies, custody battles, an unfit parent, off-shore bank accounts and the like. Complex divorces can also include bad behavior including adultery and the dissipation or waste of marital assets due to outside relationships, gambling, drug or alcohol use or uncontrollable shopping or other mental health issues.

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