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5 Legal Questions Every Person Should Ask Before Marriage

Marriage is a serious commitment that comes with even more serious legal consequence for both you and your partner. With the divorce rate being at an all time high, it is increasingly important that you fully understand these consequences prior to entering into such a commitment. Listed below are five basic questions you should address and know the answers to before taking your vows and saying I do.

The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement in Arizona

To most people, the decision to enter into marriage is a decision to take the final step in their relationship and commit the rest of their lives to their significant other. However, what most fail to realize, is the serious financial change they will undergo upon acceptance of their vows. Once married, your assets, savings, and entire life's work will now be connected to another person.

The importance of a strong, properly executed prenuptial agreement

For many practical reasons, an increasing number of engaged couples are choosing to make certain financial expectations legally binding before they tie the knot. A sound, strong and well-executed prenuptial agreement can help ease tension in a relationship, can protect important interests and can allow couples to know where they stand in certain financial contexts throughout the life of their marriage. However, it is imperative that a prenuptial agreement be properly executed.

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