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Staying safe when domestic violence strikes

When you're the victim of physical domestic violence, experts note that there's nothing more important than making sure you're safe. The first thing you're advised to do when you think you're in danger is simply to call the police. They can help to put a stop to the violence, make an arrest if necessary, and gather evidence.

New hashtag aims to expose non-physical domestic violence

A new hashtag has been making the rounds lately on Twitter, and it is #MaybeHeDoesn'tHitYou. The point of the hashtag is to bring more light to the fact that a lot of domestic violence is not physical. While physical issues can sometimes be spotted--people are quick to notice a black eye--these other issues are often ignored because they're not as obvious to the public.

Tactics for proving you suffered non-physical abuse

For those who suffered domestic violence and physical abuse, finding proof may not be that hard. Bruises and lacerations could tell the whole story. Phone calls and medical records could back it up. However, what about people who suffer emotional abuse, financial abuse, psychological abuse, or something else that doesn't show up on the skin?

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