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Retirement accounts, pension plans and social security will factor significantly into your divorce settlement agreement - even if you're not nearing retirement age. For many couples, retirement accounts and/or pension plans represent a considerable chunk of their net worth. As such, they all must be addressed in divorce settlement agreements. Unfortunately, though, dividing retirement accounts and pension plans is complicated and has tax implications.

The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement in Arizona

To most people, the decision to enter into marriage is a decision to take the final step in their relationship and commit the rest of their lives to their significant other. However, what most fail to realize, is the serious financial change they will undergo upon acceptance of their vows. Once married, your assets, savings, and entire life's work will now be connected to another person.

Link found between divorce, sleep and blood pressure increase

Investigators at the University of Arizona say that people who have gone through divorce and have long-term sleep problems afterward are at an increased risk for rise in blood pressure. Researchers are quick to point out that previous studies have already established a link between divorce and major health problems, sometimes even death. However, this new investigation reveals that problems sleeping as a result of the divorce may be the primary cause of those issues.

The benefits of postnuptial agreements

You are likely familiar with prenuptial agreements. These legal contracts have been drawn up with great frequency for decades. Though they were once stigmatized as evidence of mistrust between the members of an engaged couple, they now represent a proactive tool that often helps to inspire a financially healthy marriage.

What to expect from divorce if you have a prenuptial agreement

One of the many benefits of drafting a prenuptial agreement is that you will have some sense of how your property will be divided upon divorce. If you are in the process of seeking a divorce and have a prenup in place, it should give you some guidance as to how your divorce will proceed. In many cases, if spouses do not care to contest any provisions within prenuptial agreements, divorce cases tend to be cheaper and are finalized more quickly than they would usually be.

The importance of a strong, properly executed prenuptial agreement

For many practical reasons, an increasing number of engaged couples are choosing to make certain financial expectations legally binding before they tie the knot. A sound, strong and well-executed prenuptial agreement can help ease tension in a relationship, can protect important interests and can allow couples to know where they stand in certain financial contexts throughout the life of their marriage. However, it is imperative that a prenuptial agreement be properly executed.

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