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10 Steps to Dealing with a Difficult Ex Post Divorce

The process of a divorce has been described as one of the most stressful events in a persons life. For many, the stress is likely to continue for many years following completion of the divorce. This is especially true when there are children involved. As such, life as a divorced parent can be far more difficult than it was being married. The existence of children bind ex spouses together for the rest of their lives. When dealing with a combative ex spouse, you are likely to find yourself in constant dispute regarding decisions that involve your children. Your reaction to these dispute will play a significant role in the upbringing and best interest of your children. Several steps can be taken to ensure you are dealing with these disputes the best way possible.

Parenting time and relocation: Issues for divorcing parents

During the course of an AZ divorce, many issues will need to be addressed. For spouses who share young children, the process of ending a marriage will entail even more items of negotiation. Child custody and the manner in which parenting time is to be divided takes center stage within many divorces, and rightfully so. Parents who are involved within the lives of their children wish to continue their established roles, even after their marriage ends in divorce.

The cases for and against presumption of shared child custody

Just as many adults greatly benefit from being one-half of a romantic partnership, many children benefit from either living in a two-parent home or having both of their parents involved in their lives equally. However, this kind of family structure does not work best for everyone. Many adults are happier and healthier alone and many single parents provide superior care to their children than many parents who remain married or have joint custody of their children.

When are custody fights battles worth their price?

We all like to believe that if we do our best by our children that they will remain safely within our custody. However, divorce and other forms of parental separation can complicate this hope. If both of a child’s parents desire to have full, joint or partial child custody and cannot agree on the terms of that arrangement, a custody battle may be inevitable. And though securing trusted and experienced legal counsel can make the process much more fair and predictable, there are no guarantees.

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