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How to divorce in less expensive and more effective ways

We have previously written about the fact that hiring a divorce attorney is necessary, even if your split is likely to be reasonably amicable. This reality can be intimidating to some individuals who are apprehensive about the amount of attorney’s fees that their divorce will result in. Thankfully, there are few reasons why you would ever need to use your attorney’s services in ways that make your divorce and/or child custody dispute financially unmanageable.

When a collaborative split may not be the best idea

We frequently write about the advantages of amicable and collaborative divorces between married partners and splits between unmarried, cohabitating couples. When separations of any kind are amicable, fair, collaborative and cooperative, they tend to be less costly and less time-consuming than contentious, litigated divorce cases. However, an amicable and collaborative approach is not one that should be embraced by all couples.

Please be careful on social media during your divorce process

We have mentioned previously that posts and pictures on social media are increasingly being used as evidence in family law disputes. However, this trend is becoming so pervasive that it is now arguably critical that you temporarily suspend activity on social media accounts if you are involved in a divorce or child custody case.

Divorcing in the middle of a build or a remodel

It is no secret that remodeling or building a home can be expensive and time consuming. From the discovery of a hidden mold problem to the difficulty of choosing new fixtures and design elements, this process can also create stress that almost inevitably weighs on a family while the project is ongoing or recently completed. In some cases, the difficulties experienced during a home renovation project may speak to larger issues that eventually give way to the end of a relationship when the project is finished.

Expecting the unexpected when it comes to family law disputes

When you file for divorce or file a claim in a child custody dispute, a domestic violence case or any other family law matter, you inevitably develop a set of expectations about how the legal process will develop and resolve. This is a completely normal reaction to filing something as personal as a family law claim. However, it is important to prepare for several things that you may not expect in addition to the things that you do expect will occur before your family law dispute finally resolves.

Could your divorce benefit from some 'extra' expert advice?

If you and your spouse have decided that it is time to move on from your relationship, you are likely facing a host of financial, relationship and lifestyle decisions that will substantially impact your future. If you and your spouse have few debts, few assets and are likely to have a relatively amicable split, then you may be able to navigate your divorce with only the aid of an experienced family law attorney. However, if your split is likely to be characterized as a complex divorce for any reason, you may benefit from additional expert advice.

How divorce can affect an individual's physical well-being

We have previously written about the importance of taking care of yourself while navigating a family law dispute. Failure to do so can lead you to act in ways that may compromise the outcome of your case. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take excellent care of yourself during divorce or a child custody dispute, for example, as these often challenging proceedings can take a toll on your health. Working to combat these often unforeseen side effects of family law disputes can help you to regain your health and your sanity as well as put you in the best mental and physical place to fight for your dispute-related goals.

Divorce and year-round tax considerations

Tax season has come and gone for 2013. However, taxes are not simply a reality to be dealt with every April. Several divorce and tax issues impact separating couples during the divorce process, immediately afterward and year-round. Failure to take certain tax-related considerations into your divorce planning, property separation agreement and child custody arrangements can directly impact your financial future. This simple fact makes it vitally important that you discuss tax-related issues with your family law attorney, whatever the nature of your dispute happens to be.

Think twice before using dating websites during divorce

When a couple decides to separate, the decision may be either sudden or it may have been imminent for quite some time. Because each divorce is unique, it comes as no surprise that individuals respond differently to this decision and to the stresses of the process. Oftentimes, if divorce has been looming for months or years, newly single individuals find empowerment by jumping back into the dating pool.

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