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Link found between divorce, sleep and blood pressure increase

Investigators at the University of Arizona say that people who have gone through divorce and have long-term sleep problems afterward are at an increased risk for rise in blood pressure. Researchers are quick to point out that previous studies have already established a link between divorce and major health problems, sometimes even death. However, this new investigation reveals that problems sleeping as a result of the divorce may be the primary cause of those issues.

Parenting time and relocation: Issues for divorcing parents

During the course of an AZ divorce, many issues will need to be addressed. For spouses who share young children, the process of ending a marriage will entail even more items of negotiation. Child custody and the manner in which parenting time is to be divided takes center stage within many divorces, and rightfully so. Parents who are involved within the lives of their children wish to continue their established roles, even after their marriage ends in divorce.

When divorcing, consider these child-related legal concerns

If you are divorcing and minor children are in the picture, it is critical to be prepared for all the legal decisions you will soon need to make concerning them. Divorce is not generally straightforward when minor children are involved, simply because a multitude of considerations must be contemplated.

Nervous about post-divorce parenting? Get excited!

When a marriage is ending and children are involved, it is completely reasonable for the entire family to be concerned about what the future holds. Luckily, whether you and your spouse opt for shared custody, a complicated visitation agreement or any other model of parenting, there are reasons to get excited about newly single parenthood.


When in comes to Father's rights to custody in Arizona, recently state lawmakers, judges, lawyers, university researchers and activists have worked to change custody laws. In 2010, Arizona law changed to state that, unless there is evidence of domestic violence or substance abuse, it is in the child's best interest to have "substantial, frequent, meaningful and continuing parenting time with both parents."


A difficult concept for people soon to be divorced or people who do not have physical custody of their child or children is when special occasions and holidays come around. When working with Lasiter & Jackson, we can help you work through this by creating a visitation agreement with the opposing party that benefits the child and allows you to spend quality time with your child or children.
In many situations, favorable outcomes can be realized as both parents usually deserve to spend time with their kids on Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Long Weekends, Summer Breaks and other times that are deemed special to you. Visitation is one of the most important aspects of a divorce and/or family court proceedings.

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