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Many wonder if they are not a biological or adopted parent (legal parent) of a child, otherwise referred to as non-parents, do they have any rights to have court ordered visitation with a child with whom they share a close bond. The answer is yes. Arizona Revised Statutes Section 25-409 provides for the rights of third parties or non-parents regarding visitation.  Non-Parents' Rights to Custody and Visitation 


A difficult concept for people soon to be divorced or people who do not have physical custody of their child or children is when special occasions and holidays come around. When working with Lasiter & Jackson, we can help you work through this by creating a visitation agreement with the opposing party that benefits the child and allows you to spend quality time with your child or children.
In many situations, favorable outcomes can be realized as both parents usually deserve to spend time with their kids on Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Long Weekends, Summer Breaks and other times that are deemed special to you. Visitation is one of the most important aspects of a divorce and/or family court proceedings.

Getting Through the "Transfer Trauma"

After the dust settles on a divorce, there are two households to run and parenting time to arrange. While it is common for one parent to have sole custody and do the lion's share of child-rearing, every fit parent deserves to have a relationship with his or her child. Unfortunately, after a divorce it can be difficult for children to transition from home to home for split parenting time. Luckily, though, there are some tips that every parent can use to cut down on the dreaded "transfer trauma" that leaves kids distressed and parents just plain stressed.

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